Make the most out of the live streaming

Get started with ‘live streaming’ right now, a trend that is taking the world by storm. You might have come across the term - live streaming and in many a case, witnessed it yourself without getting into it deeper.

So let us first know how the live streaming works!

Simply to state, it is a data transmission process where the receiver can view and listen to a video on the internet in REAL-TIME. You don’t have to record or store it, thus making it convenient. Pixel Studio Production efficiently broadcasts live streaming services in Brisbane. Take a sneak peek into our work for the best knowledge. Chat with Andy or Dainius to quench your curiosity.

Expect exceptional service for covering events like:

Funerals Live Streaming

Funerals are agonising; looking your beloved person gone is saddening. But many times, friends and family members are unable to attend the funeral ceremony. Pixel Studio Production works towards bridging the gap by offering funeral live streaming in Brisbane.

We provide high-quality video streaming coverage to the ones who are unable to be physically present at the ceremony in real-time. If required, we can also make the transmission password protected so that only people whom you want to show access it. You can also watch the video later on our website or YouTube channel. We offer affordable service addressing your requirements.

Funeral Live Streaming Brisbane
Funeral Live Streaming Brisbane

Weddings Live Streaming

In a hunt for wedding live streaming service in Brisbane! Look no further than Pixel Studio Production. We deploy various technologies to capture the best moments without fail. Remote cameras for uninterrupted coverage, 4G or 5G network for smooth transmission and HD recording makes the entire experience relatively substantial.

You will be viewing the live streaming on our website and YouTube channel as well. To make the most out of the ceremony, we make sure to start the live streaming 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the ceremony. So, without waiting any further, ensure to include live streaming at your wedding so that no one misses the moment when you say ‘I Do’.

Seminars Live Streaming

Attract more delegates to attend your seminar and conference via live streaming. Pixel Studio Production deploys state-of-the-art technology for the streaming like enhanced bandwidth, full HD experience and interactive sessions where the audience can revert their feedback and suggestions for the conference as well.

Conference and seminars live streaming in Brisbane can be viewed on our website or YouTube channel. Live streaming will benefit in getting more people to attend the seminars, increase revenue, economising by eliminating the need to travel and much more.

A secured medium makes the experience even more relieving and exciting. We cover an event through multiple cameras to get every detail for others to watch.

Seminars Live Streaming Brisbane
Events Live Streaming Brisbane

Sports Events Live Streaming

It is not a new phenomenon to live stream sports events. You must have watched international sports events live streamed online. With handy equipment and advanced technologies, even small events are streaming online now.

We have assembled all the gears for perfect sports events live streaming coverage in Brisbane. High quality sound and HD video is provided affordably. Outdoor or indoor games, you will never feel any lag in our service. The live streaming will be done on our website as well as YouTube channel for convenience. Our service includes multiple camera shots, commentary, digital rights management and pay per view etc.

So get ready to broaden your audience with Pixel Studio Production.